More Surprises with Shot Online Golf: World Championship’s New Update

Gaming at a glance

More Surprises with Shot Online Golf: World Championship’s New Update


Gaming at a glance  Shot Online Golf: World Championship’s WEBZEN, a worldwide engineer and distributer of allowed to-play diversions, today discharges another refresh for its sensible and exciting versatile golf amusement Shot Online Golf: World Championship.

Not long after the amusement’s first real development, Shot Online Golf: World Championship is getting its most up to date content refresh to give more comfort, difficulties and prizes to its players.

This refresh presents 3-Hole Match Tickets. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, players will contend in 3-Hole Matches more than 9 holes for nothing until the point that every one of the 9 holes have been played once, and those searching for some additional rushes and rewards will have the capacity to play extra matches by utilizing the new 3-Hole Match Tickets. Clients can pick up tickets from “Fortune Boxes” or buy them with rubies.

The refresh additionally conveys two new things identifying with Fortune Boxes, the Instant Opening Ticket and the Upgrade Ticket. Moment Opening Tickets empower players to promptly open their “Fortune Boxes”. With respect to the Upgrade Ticket, this empowers players to build one “Fortune Box” to a prevalent class and enhance the estimation of the things inside. The required amount of tickets shifts relying upon the crate. Players can get these tickets by either winning a 3-Hole Match or by taking an interest in-diversion occasions.

With this refresh, 3-Hole Match rewards have likewise been overhauled; rather than club boxes, players would now be able to get Fortune Box Instant Opening Tickets or Fortune Box Upgrade Tickets. Likewise, the every day compensate restrain has been expanded from 3 to 5 remunerates multi day so players can be appropriately granted for their endeavors and triumphs in 3-Hole Matches.

Moreover, the refresh empowers players to gain better gear and assemble all the more intense and exact clubs through the expansion of the class-A to class-C fitting boxes, updated forms of the past class-B+ to class-D boxes, which will before long be accessible available to be purchased.

Shot Online Golf: World Championship is available for free download in the App Store ( and Google Play ( for golfers around the world to enjoy some authentic and fun golf on their mobiles.

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