Slab was released!

Slab was released!



Developed and Published: Smash The Code (
Released: May 7, 2018
Price: $2,99
Press kit:

About the game
Slab is an arcade game inspired by Breakout and Arkanoid in which the main task is destroy slabs and bricks. The player controls a horizontally moving paddle to ricochet the ball against the slabs and destroy them.

At the beginning the player has 3 hearts in the top left corner, he can increase number of hearts by “Add Life” power up. When the player misses the ball or catch “Instant Death” power up he lose one life.

In the game we have a lot of custom bricks with a several stages of breaking up for example “Rainbow Bricks”, “Pink Bricks”, “Standard Bricks”. And bricks which you cannot destroy without Plasma Gun “Grey Bricks”.

The game has 30 different levels with high difficulty (as in good old games).

The player can use a lot of power ups to speed up the ball, pierces block or expand and shrink the paddle. In the game we have three size of ball, dozen of types slabs, bricks.

Here is a list of 15 power ups in the game:

– Bad Luck – decrease your luck rate
– Luck – increase your luck rate
– Bigger Ball
– Smaller Ball
– Instant Death – you lose one of lifes
– Shrink Paddle
– Expand Paddle
– Add Life
– Catch Ball
– Plasma Gun – you can destroy all bricks in the game, also gray.
– Split Ball for ten
– Split ball for four
– Decrease speed of ball
– Increase speed of ball
– Fireball – your ball pierces slabs

About me
My name is Michał Soczyński, and I’m 28 years old. An indie solo-developer from Poland, which working as a programmer since 2008 – mainly with Web Development, Games. At the beginning of 2018, I started working on my first game “Slab”.


“This is a pretty basic breakout style game that doesn’t really break the mold of what we are so familiar with in these kind of games, and we’ve seen everything here before in dozens of games like it over the years. But what this game does, it does very well, and I honestly like the simple design and approach. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) is very fitting in this game. The game controls perfectly with no slow down or bugs that I noticed in my first half hour of play, and with 30 levels to progress through, the value is very high on this little gem. This game scored an impressive 89% score using my first impressions scoring system, and gets my “high recommend”! Great job developer(s), and thanks a lot for offering a great value and fun little game for us at a budget price!” ~ Zaxtor99

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