Eternal Fury HTML 5 – Live the adventure again 5

Eternal Fury HTML 5 – Live the adventure again

Game Hollywood announces that the new cross-platform version of Eternal Fury (Html 5) has officially been launched worldwide with CreaGames and Kongregate, which are one of Europe’s and North America’s top game publishers. Eternal Fury, featured several times by Google Play Store and AppStore in North America and Asia in 2014, is a thrilling fantasy game. It has over 2 million users worldwide and has always been a favorite of the rankings. We are very excited to announce that the classic fantasy game Eternal Fury Html 5 has officially been launched on 20th May. Cross-platform Eternal Fury (Html 5), based on the western magical style of the first-generation mobile game, retaining the classic gameplay and character system, adding innovative elements, mercenary summoning gameplay. Players can summon random acquisitions of different quality mercenaries and customize the base attributes of the mercenary growth system. Also, […]

The Cursed Prophet Deleph promo quest begins today and will run until Monday, March 25. During the quest period, your first PvP win of the day will reward you with a copy of Deleph.

Eternal Card game New Hero: Cursed Prophet Deleph

Eternal Card game Hero: Cursed Prophet Deleph – Deleph jumped, a flicker of hope cutting through the exhaustion and terror. “I-I’ve wanted to. Yes.” “I thought you might,” Severin purred, and opened the door. “And I always keep my promises.” Without turning to his men, he said, “Bring the chains.” Deleph saw a heavy iron box, smaller than […]