Irvine, California – June 23, 2022 Joycity is expanding their already electrifying 3on3 FreeStyle playable character roster with a truly rebellious addition.

The new character, ‘Howl’ embraces his narcissistic tendencies by peddling himself as world-class superstar… Unfortunately, he’s about the only person that agrees. Contrary to his renegade, tough-guy exterior, Howl is sloppy. Once a member of the “Miami Phoenix” street team, he came to join team Big Flow to find himself some new challenges.

Howl is designed with the classic-type center in mind. He specializes in supporting teammates and eliminating the opponent’s scoring chances. His first passive skill, ‘Keeping and Pass’ ensures ball possession after a rebound. This skill allows Howl to keep the ball without intercepting while passing to secure his teammates’ have a shot at the net.

His second passive skill, ‘Overwhelming Presence’, has a simple but powerful effect. When Howl successfully blocks an opponent, the blocked opponent’s stamina is reduced. If Howl holds his position, and continuously blocks his opponents’ shots, the repeated stamina reduction puts his opponent into deep, deep trouble.
As with the previously released May character, Liu, Howl is being added with intensive prestige upgrade. 3 intensive skills will be available for selection which will enhance his defense abilities.

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