Veil of Dust: A Homesteading game is releasing to EA this week on Thursday, the 23rd. It will include the complete central storyline and one romance storyline, upgrades to the homestead, and all major features, giving players a full path through the 25-35 hour game at a heavily discounted price of just under $9.99.

Veil of Dust plays like a slightly more challenging version of Stardew Valley, with survival elements (and some art inspiration) a la Don’t Starve. The daily loop includes building relationships with NPCs, caring for crops, and gathering building materials for homestead upgrades, with the longer play experience being driven by the immersive story exploring moving on from grief and inter-personal growth within a maturing sibling relationship.

Players have described the game as “challenging enough to keep it from feeling grindy, but not so much that it’s stressful.” and have praised the characters and dialog. And with two difficulty settings, calibrated for both Farm Sim players who like to simply vibe and Survival Game players who want to be challenged to optimize, a broad range of players should feel at home.

The free demo is live on also out steam now, or players can click through to wishlist and take advantage of the launch discount:


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