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WHAT: Today Red Bull announced the second episode of their new gaming content series, uncovering the thrilling and extraordinary underground esports communities – “Other Worlds” – alongside a new episode two trailer. Following last month’s Episode One premiere, which highlighted the emergence of the “Hades” speedrunning scene, episode two features the hugely popular simulator game, Farming Simulator, where players can farm, breed livestock, grow crops and sell assets created from farming. Episode two will premiere Tuesday, May 24 at 8 a.m. PT on the official Red Bull Gaming YouTube Channel, with additional episodes uncovering new game titles launching monthly.

Hosted by Red Bull gaming athlete and well-known speedrunner David “GrandPOOBear” Hunt, the nine-episode series highlights less popularized and unconventional competitive gaming, and the passionate gamers that continue to fuel their respective spaces. Just a few games get the vast majority of esports coverage, but there are countless gaming scenes fans rarely hear about. In “Other Worlds” hosted be GrandPOOBear, viewers will get a deep dive into unconventionally competitive gaming scenes and uncover the incredible communities that drive gaming at every level. GrandPOOBear will meet the people and players in the scene, learn how the communities formed and finally take a whack at learning the meta that drives the competition for each game.

GrandPOOBear is a Red Bull Player and professional speedrunner, with popular channels across Twitch and YouTube. He was previously a semi-pro snowboarder, when a career-ending spinal injury put him in the hospital. During his year-long recovery, GrandPOOBear discovered his talent for speedrunning video games. Since then, he’s continually pushed the level of speedrunning competition forward as a 7-time world record holder. GrandPOOBear has amassed a loyal following and carved a name for himself as an innovative, charitable trailblazer within the growing speedrunning community.

This new series is part of Red Bull’s larger upcoming slate of gaming content launching throughout 2022, including the analytics focused content series – Analytics of Daigo’s Guile in SFV – in partnership with Panda Global’s Viewers can watch Red Bull Gaming content series on the official Red Bull Gaming YouTube channel and Red Bull TV.


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