Aim skyward in 10 new vertical levels, 2 new achievements, updated graphics, and more!

Update Trailer
 Circuit: Laser Maze is a single-player laser puzzle game that expands gameplay into 3D, elevating this classic genre to new heights. 
 The vertical mazes within the game are particularly challenging. The Hurdles update adds 10 new levels aimed towards helping players master the mechanics of 3D gameplay in vertical puzzles. With updated graphics, new language support, and multiple quality of life updates, we’re beaming Circuit: Laser Maze to even greater heights!
New Features:

  • 10 new levels focused on mastering the mechanics of 3D gameplay
  • 2 new achievements
  • Ukrainian language support

Technical Notes:

  • Updated graphics
  • Key-binding system
  • Dramatically reduced level loading time
  • Reduced game size from 2.76 G to 1.63 G
  • Adjusted camera inertia (removed 100% from movement and 70% from rotation)

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Levels re-ordered to more accurately represent difficulty progression
  • Adjusted cursor colors for ease of use
  • Allows pick-up and placement of modules behind glass panels
  • Darkened fixed module colors

Official Game Trailer
 Circuit: Laser Maze will be on sale for $3.99 (regularly $4.99) from May 13 to May 27.
 Available on:Steam for PC, Mac, and LinuxXbox Family of DevicesWindows Store for PC


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