Thailand racer Jantrltn is the champion of Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE single-speed race tournament

SEOUL – May 13, 2022 – KartRider Rush+ Thai racer, Jantrltn, won the champion title in Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE, a single-speed race tournament, on Friday, April 29. Overcoming 143 competitors from five countries in Southeast Asia, he scored 85 points in the finals, entered the Match Point, and finished in first place in the following game, making Jantrltn the champion of the tournament with a total score of 95 points. Jantrltn’s swift victory makes him a fierce score changer.
The final round gathered the best from all groups, totalling eight people. Competing in a total of 20 games, whoever gets 80 points first advanced to the Match Point round. Anyone who can finish first place in any round after advancing to the Match Point round, will be the tour champion.
The competition was fierce as the results changed repeatedly. It wasn’t until the eleventh game, I͜͡ꈤᴠCHAOS entered the Match Point first at 84 points. However, in the next game, he couldn’t finish in first place. By the fourteenth game, Jantrltn entered the Match Point round with 85 points. In the next game, Jantrltn closed the job and finished in first place. Jantrltn became the tour’s champion and was crowned the fastest solo racer of the KartRider Rush+ SEA region.
The top four winners of this race were Jantrltn (Thai), I͜͡ꈤᴠCHAOS (Thai), H4TEFUL (Thai), and PANDAAAA (Thai) respectively. They will receive various prizes, including medals. The Race Master champion trophy will be awarded to Jantrltn.

If you missed out on this intense race, you can watch a livestream of the last day of Race Master SEA 2022: HASTE.
Watch the last eight rounds (April 29 post): HERE.
More details about updates, recruitment announcements, livestreams and other upcoming tournaments can be found on KartRider Rush+’s Facebook and official website:


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