Vesper: Zero Light Edition is available for download today (3.00 PM PDT / 0.00 AM CET) on Nintendo eShop at 9.99€/9.99$.
Now heading to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive, Vesper: Zero Light Edition will let you experience the game wherever you want, in all its enhanced beauty, exploiting the amazing OLED screen of your new Nintendo Switch device thanks to the incredibly vivid color palette of its world.
Vesper: Zero Light Edition is an overall enhancement of the acclaimed debut game by Cordens Interactive, which includes new contents, additional graphics, a rebalanced experience and improved performances. 
Vesper: Zero Light Edition is also available on Steam, and at the same price tag (9.99€/9.99$), and it will be downloadable as a free update for those who already bought the first version of the game.
 Together with the release of Vesper: Zero Light Edition on PC, Cordens Interactive has designed a book called Vesper: The Age of Zero Light, that can be downloaded from Steam and, which tells the overall story of the game plus new contents, such as exclusive sketches and a huge timeline to dive into the deep lore of Vesper: Zero Light Edition.


Trailer (YouTube link):


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