12 May 2022 — Movie Games has the pleasure to announce that DRAGO entertainment will release the first DLC for Gas Station Simulator, a Steam Bestseller. The “Can Touch This” DLC will be available on Steam from 18 May 2022. Media representatives and content creators can claim preview keys now.

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Gas Station Simulator is a hit which sold 80,000 copies within the first 72 hours since the release. The game-related content reached 100,000,000 views on YouTube within the first 1.5 months. In the new DLC, you can take interior customisation to a completely new level!

  • Nearly 200 new decals
  • 30 new decorations
  • More levels
  • New employees

 And many many more! Make your diamond in the sand shine even brighter than before.

Rebuild & Reconstruct!
It’s time to redecorate like you’ve never done before. Decide where to put trash cans or where to move the cash register to. Show your customers the right way to orderly queue without taking too much space. It’s time to take interior customisation to a completely new level.

Paint & Spray!
Grab your spray can and add a little personal touch to any surface you can lay your hands on. With adjustable scale and rotation, you can spray anything from large murals to tiny easter eggs hidden somewhere in the corners of your station.

Warehouse & Workshop
Did you ever feel like your station was missing something? Have no fear. From tables to desks to banners and lights, your Warehouse and Workshop now possess a full suite of purchasable customisations! Decorate the whole station in a much more true sense of the word.

More & More!
Experience Gas Station Simulator with an even greater choice of options for pretty much everything under the sun. More gas station levels for you to achieve, more employees to hire and fire, more decorations to find and hang, more colours for your walls and roof tiles, more popularity levels to climb.

DLC Features

  • Redecorate your walls and floors with 30 wall materials and 15 floor materials;
  • Paint wherever you want with over 190 available decals;
  • Edit the position of the queue to your cash register;
  • Place 30 new decorations.

Gas Station Simulator “Can Touch This” DLC will be available on Steam from the 18th of May 2022. This DLC requires the Gas Station Simulator base game to function.
Check the DLC’s Steam Page

Media contact & key requests: Karol Sasorski

Gas Station Simulator “Can Touch This” DLC


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