Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!, a rocking indie adventure inspired by classic point-and-click games, heavy metal, and underground comix, is finally out on Steam (PC/Windows). It’s time to jump into the beer-soaked denim vest of a middle-aged teddy bear to orchestrate the comeback of his old glam metal band. One tiny problem in this quest is the fact that glam metal has been the laughing stock of everyone in the music industry since the 1980s, but a true heavy metal heart never stops beating!
The game deals with rock clichés and music industry shenanigans through comedy and satire. The player gets to experience all the fun that the life of a middle-aged musician has to offer: organizing schedules with bandmates who have families and careers, rehearsing in moldy basements, and playing Tuesday night support gigs in empty bars for no money. All the things that are collectively known as “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream”!
After over three years in development, Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! offers about ten hours of wild adventures all over the rockosphere with cool hand-drawn graphics. The project director is Valtteri Tavast, a Finnish cartoonist and musician, and many of the game’s adventures are based on real-life experiences as a bass player in a punk band no one’s heard of.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! on Steam (PC / Windows): trailer:–rKONUxDuM
Promotional pictures: game is published by Instant Million. Game developer Valtteri Tavast will answer your questions, and review copies of the game through Steam are also available for medias that are into reviewing stuff. Rock on!
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