Players are invited to test their Roguelike skills in the PC demo for Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2

For Immediate Release

Date May 6th, 2022

Vancouver — Date May 6th, 2022 — Today during Steam’s Going Rogue week-long event, Kerberos Productions released their first demo for Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2, the sequel to their 2013 PC Roguelike.

“We are very excited about making this demo available to gamers,” said Chris Stewart, Studio Manager and Producer on The Pit 2. “We know players have a lot of choice these days and giving them a chance to try a game without having to put any money down on the counter is extremely useful to them as consumers. They get to see if the game suits their tastes and for us it’s another opportunity to see what players like most about the game and that’s very important when making a sequel.”

Following A Successful Title

Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 was first made available to players in October 2021, with the focus on letting players of the first title give their input so Kerberos could make sure the new game had that same feel.

“We’ve heard from players that they are getting that one-more-turn feeling,” said Martin Cirulis, Creative Director at Kerberos and designer of The Pit series of games. “They also say they are having a lot of fun trying to reach the bottom floor of The Pit, which is very important when making a Rogue! Once we were getting that kind of feedback, we knew it was the right time to get a demo out for those players who were curious about the game but hadn’t picked it up yet.”

What Lurks In The Pit Demo

While players enjoy familiar features such as distinct character classes, unique floors every game, exploring, scrounging, crafting, and of course so many ways to succumb to the monsters and dangers of The Pit, the new game has introduced a selection of new features to ensure players are getting new fun and new challenges.

“We’ve added boss-type monsters,” said Cirulis. “Special floors, new rooms in the game and we’ve added random special abilities for players to gain throughout the game. Players can now opt to disassemble items and use those parts in crafting – sometimes it’s a choice between a gadget or food! Not to mention the choices players make while they play will change floors they haven’t reached yet as well as how the game ends.”

For the demo, players get to try it all with only two simple limitations; Out of five player characters in the full game, they can only pick from two, The Marine and The Medic, and they get to try the first three floors.
Product is available on the Sword of the Stars: The Pit 2 Steam Store page;


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