Nineteen Officially Released on Steam!

– Explore human body as COVID-19 vaccine in this 3D action game!
– Gameplay gets better with improved balance and a new game mode
– Full game available today(Fri., January 21) on Steam
The game publisher CFK announced that, as of today(Friday, January 21), the 3D action game Nineteen‘s Steam Early Access has officially turned into full release.
Nineteen is a 3D action game that depicts the prolonging COVID-19 pandemic and repeated vaccination, where the player becomes the vaccine “Nineteen” and explores the body of a depressed young man named Mongryong Lee.
After Lee was tested positive for COVID-19, the inside of his body became full of strange obstacles and traps. As Nineteen, the player will embark on a journey to overcome the danger and drive out the virus, therefore helping Lee get back to his normal life.

<The game features high-quality story cutscenes.>

● Behold, this is Nineteen!

Nineteen features one large stage in which the player must somehow run and jump to the goal. The journey to the finish point is not easy, as there are a variety of stage objects ready to kill the player on sight or contact.
This simple but challenging action game symbolizes the current COVID-19 pandemic, containing the developer’s message about encouraging people to move forward nevertheless in such a difficult time.

● What can we find in the full version?

Based on various user feedbacks collected during Early Access, a number of improvements has been applied to the full version, which include modified game balance and difficulty, and addition of new game mode and story cutscenes.
The full version’s gameplay became more flexible with three types of jump command(short, normal, and long), and more convenient with “Aura”, which is Nineteen’s ability to help the player estimate the distance of each jump.

<Gamers can use a jetpack in Booster Shot mode.>
In addition, a new game mode “Booster Shot”(i.e. booster dose) is now available for those who felt the original game was too difficult for them. The player can use a jetpack in this mode to better understand and beat the stage. There are also rewards for Early Access users, such as another ending for Mongryong Lee followed by a life-changing event.
Nineteen, a vaccine’s adventure inside human body, is now available as a full game on Steam today(Friday, January 21). To celebrate the official release, a 10% special discount will be offered until Thursday, January 27, 2022.

● Steam Store Link


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