The new year is starting off right with the annual Forge Bowl in the global hit strategy game Forge of Empires. The famous quarterback Cal Rogers returns to the InnoForgers to help lead the team to victory. This year’s Forge Bowl runs from January 18th through February 7th. 

Quarterback Cal Rogers will guide players through this year’s questline, which consists of 35 rush quests and 21 daily quests. The goal is simple: reach the endzone and score a touchdown to win the coveted Touchdown Reward. Once the team is ready to take the field, footballs are needed to complete each play. Footballs can be earned by completing quests and incidents around one’s city, as well as through daily log ins. For every yard the team moves forward, the player’s rank in the League will progress. Higher rankings lead to better rewards and there are additional special rewards at the end of the event based on one’s ranking. Like last year, players can use one of five available coaches, who grant different advantages. It’s possible to select the coach who best suits one’s current strategy or employ the Ultimate Coach who provides all the advantages of the other coaches combined. 

More information about event can be found in this video:

The first event of the new year would not be complete without new prizes. The Forge Bowl 2022 brings with it a new main reward: the Fiore Village. The residential building can be earned through the questline and upgraded to level 10 using the Fiore Village Upgrade kits. The brand-new Event Pass has also been added to this year’s event. This is a special premium option that can be purchased to get extra rewards with each Grand Prize acquired in the event. The Event Pass unlocks the Bowl Prizes lane, meaning for every 80 yards the team advances on the field, not only will players receive a Grand Prize, but also a Bowl Prize as well. In addition, there are opportunities to earn items from past events for those who might have missed it, including the Colossus, Olympic Treasury, Sentinel Outpost, Terracotta Vineyard and more. Lastly, two new themed avatars are available, giving players the chance to share their progress with their friends and neighbors. 

Forge of Empires is free to play and available for browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices.  


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