Los Angeles – January 13, 2022: Trovo, one of the fastest growing live-streaming platforms in the industry, today announced it is partnering with StreamElements to bring its powerful suite of content creation tools to its platform. Trovo and StreamElements will work in unison to help creators improve quality of production, strengthen bonds with community members, and facilitate new ways for viewers to directly support their favorite streamers.


StreamElements provides production and analytics tools to live-streamers and makes video-on-demand for leading platforms such as Trovo. Key features include completely free, cloud-based offerings such as SE.Live, Overlays and SuperThemes, in addition to a dedicated StreamElements chatbot which will support user enquiries. “Our ultimate goal is to offer content creators best-in-class discoverability, which is what puts us ahead of some leading streaming platforms in the industry today, and we’re excited for StreamElements to be part of that,” said  Allen Chan, Trovo Senior Operations Manager and Head of North America. “We want our creators to feel at home and to have the freedom and tools at their fingertips to explore their creativity when creating content”.

  • SE.Live, a stream management tool built on OBS Studio, allows creators to chat, add activity updates to feeds, and request features for their stream. Further, updates from OBS Studio will ensure tools are always up to date with its latest developments, helping boost streamer engagement levels.
  • SuperThemes are thematic collections of Overlays available in a wide range of styles. These visually dynamic and stylised features can be implemented to match the overall appearance of any creator’s channel, allowing them to add widgets and choose whether they want themselves or their content to be in the spotlight. They also  let an audience know if a streamer is starting, ending or taking a break.
  • The StreamElements chat bot feature is used for everything chat-related in terms of moderating, timed announcements and commands to engage with the Trovo community. Moderation plays a key role in setting the tone and voice in any channel or community.

The features which are stored directly on the cloud make streaming less taxing on user PC performance. The cloud storage element also ensures users can access their streams easily using a single link when changing devices.

Currently, the StreamElements platform serves more than 200K monthly-active-channels on Twitch and YouTube, serving more than 15 million viewers who watch over 12 billion minutes each month across the globe. 

To learn more, please visit https://trovo.live/.

About Trovo:

Trovo is a community which puts gamers first, with live-streaming functions that allow their content to be seen. Trovo’s platform offers gamers a place to play, enjoy content and connect with new friends around the world. Founded on inclusiveness, interactivity, and empowerment, Trovo enables creators to reach the top of their game while building an engaged community along the way. Trovo’s content creator partnership program and key features, including Trovo 500, focus on leveling up discoverability, interaction, community, growth, and impact. To learn more, please visit https://trovo.live/.

About StreamElements: 

StreamElements is the fastest growing platform for live stream production, monetization and audience engagement, offering a full production-technology and business stack with legendary customer support. The platform already serves over 200K Monthly-active-channels on Twitch and YouTube, serving more than 15 million viewers who watch over 12 billion minutes each month. Some of the world’s top streamers, including Shroud, TimTheTatMan, SodaPoppin and Casey Neistat use StreamElements to enhance their live stream capabilities. Leading consumer brands such as Red Bull, Razer, AMD, NVIDIA and more also trust StreamElements to power their Twitch channels. The company was founded in 2017 by Or Perry, Doron Nir and Gil Hirsch and has offices in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.


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