“The official title for our game is now Heroine Anthem ZERO 2: Scalescars Oath,” said WindThunder Studio. The release date for Steam is on February 22nd, 2022.

The first trailer is now available as well.

Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR2j7WUxBiw

The first title from this series started in 2002. The story continued to expand until today,” said WindThunder Studio. “To fit the market’s taste while maintaining the authenticity, we took years to fit everything perfectly together.”  WindThunder Studio has expanded the story from 15 chapters to 20 chapters, allowing players to immerse themselves into this legend-filled tale within the roughly 50 hour gameplay time.

Close to half a million words, those who knew Heroine Anthem from the beginning would definitely enjoy the journey. Heroine Anthem ZERO 2: Scalescars Oath continues the legend from the prior installments. Long before the final days, two virgins will unveil the prologue of the new Samsara. A world has been forsaken by the god, and Ichthyopagion continues to grow. People must continue with sin and punishment.

Shama, who is with SinScars under her happy smile, holds dark secrets deep within, hoping someone will pull her out of her shadow. ZERO 2 is an ARPG with intriguing storytelling, an unpredictable battle system, and endless heartfelt adventure. The story includes multiple subtle metaphors for the relationship between god and humans.

More than 100 characters with complete storylines would be introduced as the story progresses. The early access version of the game will be updated on February 22, 2022. The developer estimated close to 70% of the content update.

There would be more exclusive content to come, remember to stay tuned to WindThunder Studio.

Heroine Anthem ZERO 2: Scalescars Oath Steam page:



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