We are happy to introduce our first new animal – Wild Boar! These loud and heavily built animals are found in big groups all around the reserve. Check the area for their unique feeding tracks and lure them in with the brand new caller. But you better carry the new .44 revolver with you since on a rare occasion the boars can turn aggressive if you get too close. Boars feature varying body and tusk sizes based on their weight and score, rare fur types, unique feeding area tracks and aggressive behavior if provoked and hurt.

Key Additions:

– New Animal – Wild Boar
– Wild Boar caller
– Wild Boar info book
– Wild Boar trophy statues
– New weapon – .44 revolver
– Sidearm slots to waist inventory
– Basic health system to the player

Virtual Hunter is the first open world virtual reality hunting simulator. Pack your gear and put your hunting skills and tactics to the test in the open wilderness!

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Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1549850/Virtual_Hunter/


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