20 December 2021; Sydney, Australia - Australian esports startup Good Game Well Played (GGWP) Academy today announced its global partnership with esports tournament platform Repeat.gg to facilitate tournaments starting from 1 January 2022 in Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, CoD: Warzone and Valorant.
There’ll be a mixture of paid entry and free tournaments, but GGWP creators can apply to participate in all tournaments for free through the GGWP Marketplace and be featured on Repeat’s platform for additional exposure as part of the partnership. Each tournament will have a minimum cash prize of $180, which can increase depending on the size of the creator. Participants will be selected from the list of applicants, who can compete from anywhere in the world. Creators wishing to join the GGWP platform can do so here: https://app.ggwpacademy.com 
“We’re excited to announce this partnership for 2022 with Repeat.gg as it’ll provide great exposure for our existing creator roster,” said GGWP’s Founder and CEO Jacquie Garrett. “To date, we have 5,000 creators benefitting from the platform and expect to see further growth from this global partnership.
“Additionally, we’ll be launching new Premium Modules in January on the platform covering topics like growth strategies, accounting and legal to continue educating our creators on the best practices working with brands. We’ll also be releasing community building, health and wellbeing, mobile streaming Modules and providing deep dives into growth tactics across each major platform throughout 2022 for all our creators.”
Repeat.gg’s CMO Scott Bednarski said the cross-pollination will benefit creators across both platforms, opening up new avenues for learning and monetisation alike. “There are over 500 million competitive gamers worldwide, and most of them start young and need the right guidance to start and grow their brands and careers. We’re excited for our existing users to learn and grow from GGWP, and for GGWP’s creators to enter competitive esports wherever they are.”
GGWP is a platform and app for aspiring gaming creators to better work with brands through content creation, along with online resources and classes teaching them how to build their online presence and monetise content across different platforms. The startup raised over $250,000 in pre-seed funding earlier this year from various VC firms and amassed nearly $65,000 in brand deals with its creators within the platform’s first 90 days of launch.
Repeat.gg is an esports tournament platform provider that allows gamers to enter esports tournaments anytime, anywhere, and is able to host up to two million players in a single tournament. By comparison, other platforms can only host up to a few hundred players in a single tournament. 


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