All new season brings cross-server gameplay, new story, environment, and devastating enemy

Elex and Skybound are unleashing cross-server gameplay with the arrival of the newest Walking Dead: Survivors season. Season 2: Queen of the Dead brings with it a brand new environment, story, and a new enemy to challenge the most seasoned of survivors. 

Season 2 brings fresh blood to TWD:S with large-scale gameplay that spans across servers. Throughout the season, the scope of war will be gradually expanded. The launch of Season 2 will see the onset of war. Battle will break out across four regions of similar strength. Players that are level 16 and higher will be able to enter the fray and fight for their clan and region while also exploring a new map.

The Wilderness Fields will open up players in Season 2 and features 7 new buildings. Survivors can venture to the baseball diamond, football field, school, ranch, twin oaks, or see what they can find in the police station or tribunal buildings. 

While playing during Season 2, survivors will experience a new captivating story and meet the formidable foe, Caroline Harper. The Queen of the Dead has been rounding up Walkers and will be unleashing them for survivors to contend with; players may want to work closely with their clan and region to stay alive.

Season 2: Queen of the Dead is available now in The Walking Dead: Survivors for iOS and Android. Players can look forward to exploring the Wilderness Fields and facing off against other regions as well as the diabolical Caroline Harper. For more information on Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Survivors visit the official site here. To stay up to date on the latest events, follow the game’s official Facebook or Twitter or meet other fans by joining the official Discord.



  • Action-packed MMO, PvP experience
  • Play as iconic characters from The Walking Dead franchise; gain new skills by upgrading your team.
  • Discover and explore exciting and terrifying locations from The Walking Dead universe.
  • Strategize to defeat enemies, build, and fortify settlements.
  • Gather resources, form alliances and join a clan.
  • Create unbeatable team-ups with the Survivor Chemistry feature, boasting an endless combination of characters

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