Work for a prestigious scientific institute in a pivotal role

December 2, 2021 -- The Barclay Institute is thrilled to announce that new exciting opportunities await those with the most astute of character. Change your future while assisting industry-leading scientists as they work to change the world. 

The hard-working family of scientists at the Barclay Institute is seeking diligent individuals to join the ranks of its security division. While our scientists work day and night to achieve ground-breaking discoveries and innovations, safety is of the utmost importance. The Barclay Institute is in need of observant security guards to work the night shift.


What’s it like working at the Barclay Institute?

As a leading place of research, the Barclay Institute is proud to employ the latest technology of the 1980s. Communicate with the scientists in the facility using exquisitely crisp two-way radios. Observe the facility surroundings using quad monitors and dual-disk drive Metadore computer to log activity with ease.

While at the Barclay Institute, the charm and sereness of the southwest will be the backdrop to your workday. Listen to the catchiest of tunes while you work on the facility radio.

Benefits include:

  • Play a pivotal role in the security department reroute power when needed or plan exit strategies for staff.
  • Work with the latest technology such as two-way radios, and top-of-the-line computers.
  • Become a member of the prestigious Barclay Institute, an industry-leading research facility. 
  • Listen to your favorite cassettes or watch your favorite VHS movies while you work.

Interested in coming to work for the Barclay Institute? Send us your application and schedule your tour of our facility today!


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