New voice over comparison video accompanies massive update, live today 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 26 November 2021 – Point-and-click psychological horror detective game Saint Kotar makes its way to the Steam Awards, an annual user-voted event that celebrates video games published on Steam. As the Steam Autumn Sale kicks off yesterday, players can nominate Saint Kotar for the Steam Awards under the ‘Outstanding Story-Rich Game’ category.

Saint Kotar is a story-and-choice-driven experience, with a dark and twisted narrative centered on devil worship, murder and the occult. The story takes place in a fictional cursed valley in Croatia called Sveti Kotar, where you switch between two characters as you unveil the horrifying secrets of the town. 

 “Being enthralled with the mystery and narrative made me appreciate all the title offers. (…) It’s gritty, simplistic, and it doesn’t shy away from its origins. If you’re seeking a spooky narrative-focused mystery game that integrates point-and-click mechanics, Saint Kotar might be right up your alley.” 
  -The Escapist 

Nominate Saint Kotar for the Steam Awards:

Earlier today, a new update went live on Steam, GOG and Epic Games which focus on fixing remaining bugs and issues, new sound effects and animations, and a complete voice over overhaul that replaces several characters’ voice overs in the game. This is accompanied by a voice comparison video uploaded by SOEDESCO, showing an extensive difference between the old and new voice overs.  

Watch the voice over comparison video:


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