Adding 2 new playable characters and improving the already addictive fighting experience

We’re happy to announce that the Rogue Spirit November update is finally available!

As mentioned in our Rogue Spirit Roadmap, after the October update which added new skills levels to the game, we have delivered a further update which expands the playable characters’ roster, improves the combat system and includes other QoL improvements.

Players can now play as the Slicer, a master of Japanese war fans. Strike your enemies quickly with melee combos.

Or if they prefer to keep their distance then play as Deadeye, a long-range sniper who fights using a bow. Rain down arrows from above and pick off tough enemies.

The November update also includes an improved fighting experience that aims to make each run feel more intense, without being too difficult.

Enemy AI’s have been updated and will fight smarter by using varied attack combos and unblockable charged attacks. Players will need to learn when to parry and when to dash.

For a full list of changes please check out the patch notes for the November update.

Rogue Spirit is available on Steam Early Access for £15.99 and will launch fully in 2022.

From today and for a limited time the game will have a further 40% off discount on the standard price.


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