Raise Your Glasses and Throw Some Champagne, There’s a First Class Love Story Afoot

Denver, CO – November 22nd, 2021 – Independent developer Invisible Walls ApS in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil are excited to announce that their multiplayer social deduction game First Class Trouble has just introduced its latest Wedding Pack DLC for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Inspired by two players who initially met while playing First Class Trouble and married in the real world shortly thereafter, the Wedding Pack DLC contains some super snazzy attire for players to don, including a sharp looking tuxedo, an elegant wedding dress, and rings, of course, all designed to synchronize with First Class Trouble’s time period.

Celebrating the blossoming romance of the two players in question, Adrianna and Henry, first announced their engagement to the First Class Trouble community on Discord. Developers at Invisible Walls immediately started brainstorming ways of honoring Adrianna and Henry’s story in-game and thus the Wedding Pack DLC was born.

Not only that, a smaller, more permanent dedication to the newlyweds, who were married only yesterday, can be found on one of the tables in the Restaurant level: a reservation card for them both. ”We had a few ideas, but it all seemed to lack the level of romance needed to complement something like that. So, the table in the Restaurant level is now forever reserved for Adrianna and Henry, and the wedding attire we’ve made is now available in a DLC pack for anyone else who wants to celebrate love.”

“Our story began when we met in the lobby of First Class Trouble and we instantly hit it off, or at least hit each other with champagne bottles,” Adrianna said. “We were lucky enough that we ended up queuing the next three matches. After finding out how great we were at finding Personoids, and how we were such a great team, we decided to exchange details!” From there, it was a simple matter of pure chemistry.

“How can you not just feel happy as humans, developers, and artists, that something you made can bring people together like that? It needs to be celebrated,” said Niels Wetteberg, CEO of developer Invisible Walls.

In addition to the Wedding Pack DLC, six other cosmetic DLC packs are also available for the game and include the First Class Trouble Supporters Pack for $9.99The Christmas Pack $4.99The Winter Pack $1.99,The Vruumba Pack $4.99The Runway Pack $9.99 and the New Years Eve Pack $14.99. The DLC packs give players a huge array of outfits including uniforms, evening gowns, hats, tuxedos, swimwear and various other fun accessories to customize their player characters with.

First Class Trouble is available on the PlayStation store and available for download via PlayStation Plus. PlayStation® Plus Members can download the PS4™ and PS5™ versions for free until December 6th. The game is also available to buy on PC for Steam.

So, put on your classiest attire and celebrate the union of two wonderful Residents with the First Class TroubleWedding Pack.

For more details on the Wedding Pack and Adrianna and Henry’s story, head over to the Sony PlayStation blog here, or the games Steam page here.

First Class Trouble main website:https://www.firstclasstrouble.com
Versus Evil First Class Trouble pagehttps://versusevil.com/fct/
First Class Trouble Steam page:  here.
Sony PlayStation Store page: here


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