Adding to the PC version, available via Steam and GOG

Melbourne, Victoria – November 17, 2021 – Brawsome has just launched Warp Frontier on Linux and Mac with a 10% re-launch week discount on Steam and GOG. Players that already own the PC version now have access to the two new platforms, including those that want to check it out on SteamOS.

The re-launch discount of 10% matches the original launch discount, in order to put Linux and Mac users on equal footing with PC users. This marks Brawsome’s first game launch on Linux, made possible via Unity, which also enabled the release on Switch. Brawsome used beta branches via both Steam and GOG to beta test the new platforms with players, which were welcome new features not available during the development of Jolly Rover or MacGuffin’s Curse.
 About Brawsome
Brawsome is an independent game developer based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on narrative games.

About Warp Frontier
A 2D point and click adventure set in the year 2215, around humanity’s newest extrasolar colony. Warp Frontier is an Aussie cop drama following war hero turned cop, Vincent Cassini, aided by his robot partner Mac, as he races to prevent the coverup of a war crime by an old enemy, before the stories of thousands, including his wife and best friend, are erased forever.



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