Ninja Issen(忍者一閃)'s Demo Now Live on Steam!

- Become Kiba, a rogue ninja, and fight for revenge in the future city of lust

- Demo version now available on Steam!

Today(November 6, 2021), the game publisher CFK released the demo version of Ninja Issen(忍者一閃), their upcoming hyper ninja action game, on Steam.

In Ninja Issen(忍者一閃), the player will be Kiba, a rogue ninja who was falsely accused and begins his fight for revenge. The game, as its genre suggests, features ninja, time leap, and action-packed battle in the city of lust.

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● Stranded in the Future. Ready for Revenge

Kiba, the protagonist, found himself stranded in another time when he was running away from false accusers. Now he must search for a way to go back to his world as he battles against a mysterious enemy in the unknown cyberpunk city.

The player becomes Kiba and destroys everything that stands in his way for revenge. Against endlessly rushing enemies and bosses that try to corner him with devastating attacks, the player uses Kiba's various attack moves and ninja skills to dominate the battlefield.

● Demo Version Now Live on Steam

The demo version released today(November( 6, 2021) on Steam lets the player experience a part of hyperspeed ninja action as they explore the lustful cyberpunk metropolis. Featuring Chapter 1, it introduces the game's major elements including how Kiba uses his ninja skills against enemy forces and the boss. Give the demo a try!

● Join the Kickstarter Campaign and Claim Your Reward

CFK is currently working with gamers to crowdfund Ninja Issen(忍者一閃) on Kickstarter. Backers will receive various rewards according on the tier of their donation, such as the game's soundtrack, wallpaper, and an opportunity to appear in the game as an NPC.

Check out the official trailer, key visual, and various updates on crowdfunding project and game development in Ninja Issen(忍者一閃)'s Kickstarter page. Gamers are welcome to express their opinions on the game as CFK plans to make the game better based on crowdfund donations and feedbacks on the demo.

Gamers can find out more information about Ninja Issen(忍者一閃), the cyberpunk hyper ninja action game, on Steam and the Kickstarter homepage. Join in a rogue ninja's fight to clear his name!

● Steam Store Page (Demo available)

● Kickstarter Page


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