[Post Date] – Exodus Borealis, a City Builder and Tower Defense game for PC, is slated to fully release out of early access November 18, 2021. The game’s listed full release price is 19.99 USD, and will feature a 20% for the first week of release.

Exodus Borealis has received over two dozen patches and content updates throughout its early access lifespan. The game has been very well received, maintaining a 95% positive review rating on Steam.

About the Game

A community of Vupfox have fled thier homeland to seek refuge across the perilous north sea. Only a few are fortunate to survive the journey and have crashed upon an unknown island. This fertile isle offers sanctuary, a chance to rebuild. But something is not right; any attempt to sail away results in crashing back upon the island. Ominously, along the backside in the cliffs, lies a narrow slot canyon. A menacing arch sits at the canyon’s entrance.

In this city builder and tower defense strategy game, it is up to you to guide the few remaining survivors. Progress from from just hoping to survive to ultimately overcoming the challenges with an efficient and prospering society. Design new settlements, task the colonists with jobs, manage resources, and architect a defense that can protect from the whatever comes from beyond the gate.


  • Settle the islands: Build your way across 6 hand-crafted islands.
  • Survive the environment: Each day, season, and generation faces tough challenges to overcome.
  • Research: New buildings, resources, and citizen efficiencies will have to be researched in order to face the trials ahead.
  • Construct a production machine: Balance building construction, jobs, research, resources, and citizen needs to create an effective society.


  • Maze the invaders: The invading forces blindly seek their targets to destroy. Use this to your advantage and create a clever labyrinth to maximize damage.
  • Make use of the elemental gems: Mining the island has unveiled powerful elemental gems. These gems can be used by an array of offensive towers, applying unique elemental effects to the invading forces. Conversely the elemental gems can be applied to boosts towers, applying unique buffs to nearby towers.
  • Master elemental synergy and nullification strategy: Elements boost the effect of neighboring elemental damage effects, while nullifying opposing elements. Strategic use and placement of these elements will be paramount to creating a dominate defense.

About Smug Marmot Studios

Smug Marmot is an indie studio of one, based out of Bend, Oregon. After 15 years of enterprise software development experience, the founder Mike left his industry job to pursue creating/developing unique indie games full time. After 18 months of blood, sweat, and tears, his dream strategy game of Exodus Borealis is slated to debut!

Steam Store Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1528810/Exodus_Borealis/


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