The Runemagic 2.0 update will add new rune-based content, localizations (DE, FR, RU) and UX/UI/gameplay improvements.

Duesseldorf – 23.10.21

A week from now Malmyr’s biggest update to date will be released on Steam. The Runemagic 2.0 update introduces 18 new rune words and loads of new ways to use & acquire runes. In addition to that it will contain localizations to German, French and Russian. A multitude of UX/UI and game mechanic improvements ensure, that this update raises Malmyr to an even higher standard of quality in all aspects of the game.

There will be a 30% sale on Malmyr for the launch of the Runemagic 2.0 update.

On Malmyr

Malmyr – Plan and optimize complex production chains. In each of the royal missions, the rules change and you are always challenged anew. What is it about the magical dwarven runes? Can you combine the runes correctly to master even the greatest challenges?


Malmyr on Steam:


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