Or: Society’s current struggles played out in a children’s book scenery

Karlstad, Sweden — October 24, 2021: Swedish-German indie game studio Insanto Studios launches a Kickstarter campaign for their 2D point-and-click adventure game A Trail of Ooze on October 26th after having successfully released a free demo for Windows and Mac via Steam and itch.io (Oct 12th). Players control Majros, a sarcastic cow, who is on a mission to save her beloved farmer from the hands of an evil agrochemical corporation. Set in Sweden, with an art style strongly inspired by Sven Nordqvist’s Pettson and Findus, the whole game has a heart-warming look and feel with story-rich characters. The latter are mostly animals and plants that have gained human-like consciousness because of the ominous ooze.

Whereas the full game (Planned release: Late 2023) is expected to have a playtime of roughly eight hours, the demo offers a 30-60 minute glimpse into Majros’ world. The demo is fully voiced in English and delivered with texts in English, German, French, Latin American Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. To match the setting, all voice actors speak in their natural Swedish accent. In combination with the use of Swedish folk art (Kurbits) in design elements and references to things like Surströmming and Dala horses, the game offers the player a feel of Swedish culture.

At the core A Trail of Ooze is a classic point-and-click developed by true fans of the genre. The four-headed team of Insanto Studios is working on the game in their spare time with A Trail of Ooze being the first game development project for all of them. With three out of four team members being women, representation of diverse characters within the game is especially important to the team. Although the art style could be taken out of a children’s book, the often-sarcastic tone and the references to social and environmental issues give the game a special twist. The story contains a lot of subtle (and some not so subtle) references to real life as the team of Insanto Studios believes that “our society’s current struggles can only be solved through awareness and open-minded discussion. We aim to reflect this in the game while adding humor into the mix.”

Insanto Studios is launching a Kickstarter that will run from October 26th to November 25th and is expected to fund the final stage of the game’s creation: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/insantostudios/a-trail-of-ooze

You can watch the trailer for A Trail of Ooze here. More information is available on the studio’s website.

You can download the demo via Steam and itch.io:

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1523940/A_Trail_of_Ooze/


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