The beloved party game launches on iOS and Android this year


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15 OCT 2021 - Developer and publisher Marmalade Game Studio has today announced a digital version of the hit tabletop party game Taboo for mobile devices.

Developed for iOS and Android, the famous word guessing game joins Marmalade's roster of premium digital editions of beloved board games, and with in-game video chat you can play Taboo with your friends even when you’re not in the same place. Taboo - Official Party Game is available for pre-order on iOS and Android now.

A welcome addition to any party, Taboo - Official Party Game is a chaotic explosion of fun which pits teams of players against each other in a vocabulary wrangling contest. The winning team will correctly guess the most words. As the timer ticks down, players must scramble to describe what is written on their card without using the word itself or the five related “taboo” words on the card.

Marmalade's is the first official digital edition of the game, and allows players to take the fun wherever they go. Team up with friends for in-person action using Local Party Mode. Or take the party online with Marmalade's high-quality video chat functionality in Online Video Mode, suitable for up to 6 players.

As with the original tabletop edition, Taboo - Official Party Game comes with all of the original hilarious prompt cards that fans have come to expect, but can be expanded upon with exciting specialised game packs.

Cristina Mereuta, CEO at Marmalade Game Studio, said:
“At Marmalade we love bringing people together through games. For us, it’s all about giving people a reason to connect, and Taboo is a brilliant game for parties and gatherings. It’s fun, smart, and with our famous in-game video feature it’s perfect for mobile. We can’t wait for players to get caught-up in this party favourite, wherever they are.”

Taboo continues Marmalade Game Studio's tradition of crafting high-quality premium digital game night experiences. It’s true to the original games, with no ads or pop-ups.

Now that players can bring the room to life with a game that fits in their pocket, Taboo is the app everyone needs with them at their next party or gathering.

Pre-order Taboo - Official Party Game on iOS and Android devices now.

For more information, please contact Paul Watson at [email protected].

About Taboo

The game of unspeakable fun is coming to mobile! You can play this classic party game with your friends online or when you get together in person. It’s a fun game for teenagers and adults. Choose from a variety of card packs to see if you can beat the other team. How many taboo words can you guess in 1 minute? 

Two ways to play

  • Local Party mode - Play with friends at your next gathering, split into 2 teams and see who can guess the most taboo words! (2 - 8 players)
  • Online Video Party mode - Play with friends face-to-face whilst apart with built in video chat  (2 - 6 players)

Variety of card packs
Just like the tabletop game, the mobile version will come with all the original cards but what’s more is that it will include fun specialised packs which can be bought to refresh and update your game

Don’t forget to buzz the other team if you hear them say a taboo word! If this happens, your team will get the point. How many taboo words can you buzz for in 1 minute?


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