Sprite Fantasia, the mobile remake of the classic MMORPG Grand Fantasia is on the roll! Pre-registration is in its final stages and the game has already reached 1000k pre-registrations! Don’t miss your last chance to get an exclusive outfit, so you can make a glamorous appearance in the game!

This much-awaited game will be available for download on 10/18 and will be officially launched on 10/19. The whole vast world of Saphael awaits you on your phone! Everyone is looking forward to meeting all the Sprites in this fantasy world! Are you ready to join in?

Sprite Fantasia Pre-Download Date:

10/18 12:00 (UTC+8)

10/18 12:00 (UTC+1)

10/18 12:00 (UTC-5)

Do you remember the wacky and hilarious Grand Fantasia? More is incoming, with additional gameplay varieties to boot! Players can use their Sprite companions to build a variety of special buildings and to craft a wide range of accessories to dress up in style!

Equip Memory Cards – Create various tactical combinations

Sprite Memory Cards have a variety of abilities that can be added to your equipment to give you an edge in battle. By making use of the combinations of effects and attributes of the cards, you can create a variety of fighting styles, and some of the special cards can bring additional skills. If you want to increase your attack or be an indestructible shield for your companions, you can mix and match any of the many different combinations to customize your play style!

Design the Sprite Island of your dreams

As a Sprite Messenger, it is only natural to have a Sprite Island! With the opening of the “Sprite Island” feature, players can go directly to their own Sprite Island through using the main menu at any time. Don’t forget to decorate your home and show if off to your guildies!

For more features, please see:

Pre-Registration Event: https://www.x-legend.com/spritefantasia/event/register/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpriteFantasiaglobal

Discord: https://discord.gg/y6Hjv9mE22


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