Make sure the house always win in this fun-filled casino simulator

French indie studio Homo Ludens will be bringing their debut title Blooming Business: Casino to EGX 2021, with the game poised to be released via Steam Early Access in the near future.

This vibrant tycoon simulator takes traditional casino management and adds unique twists: drama, danger, and cute animals! Players can build and run their own snazzy casinos, manage the capricious staff and clients, and experience the thrill of being a casino owner. Ensure that the money never stops flowing in this different kind of tycoon game, filled with personality!

  • Meet the charming personalities of VIP visitors. Connect with them and learn their backstories, needs, goals and desires.
  • Let your employees do their work or directly intervene on the floor. Reprimand drunk customers, kick broken machines to repair them, and make chips rain to see your customers burst with joy!
  • Live personal stories. Your management style and commercial strategy will trigger different narrative events you will need to get involved with. Beware, you may reap more than you sow.-
  • Create and share your own content. Pick up Unity and get access to the same tools as the team to create your own custom items, decorations and characters. 


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