New Content Update Adds Ancient Egypt!

Lansing, MI, September 29th 2021: Indie game developer and publisher Vogel Vision LLC is proud to announce the first of many content updates to Heroes Of Yore, the studios debut turn-based party RPG packed full of exciting content and fabled heroes and villains. Available on PC, MacOS and Linux, Heroes Of Yore has been two years in the making and is currently available via Early Access on STEAM

Game Trailer:

Heroes Of Yore is a retro-inspired turn-based party RPG rendered in glorious oldskool pixel art. The greatest characters of history and mythology have been brought together in this humorous game offering a compelling story and cross-platform PvP. Assemble your team from a cast of weird and wacky heroes and villains from popular mythology and folklore and pit them against each other to see who is the greatest of all time. You can enjoy classic tales in Story-Mode or play a quick skirmish in Quick-Play mode; online PvP is supported as well. With 4 full-featured campaigns included, each containing 10 chapters, there is plenty of fun to gamers of all ages and experience levels.

Heroes Of Yore is a classic turn-based game with more than 30 heroes to play, and more are being added regularly in upcoming updates. This is your opportunity to play as Dracula, Zorro, Sherlock Holmes, Rosie the Riveter, Joan of Arc, Athena, Thor, and Robin Hood among many others. Learn about the trials and tribulations of your favorite characters as you play and assemble your dream team to beat your opponents. Certain characters must be unlocked through the Heroes screen while others are readily available for your party.

Heroes Of Yore has just been improved with its first of many scheduled updates; the new additions and improvements include a brand-new campaign with 10 chapters set in ancient Egypt and fun new playable characters, such as Cleopatra, Napoleon, Judy of the Jungle and of course a Mummy! Additional music and a new menu have been added too.


  • Classic Turn-Based Gameplay
  • Story-Mode & Quick-Play
  • Online Cross-Platform PvP
  • 30+ Playable Characters
  • Regular Content Updates

Heroes of Yore is available via STEAM

Journalists interested in further information or a STEAM™ key for review may contact indie PR-specialist Hans Olsen by sending an email to [email protected]. Members of the press are encouraged to check out the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates.


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