Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, the browser-based multiplayer RPG, has just received its biggest update on R2Games in two years. The update, entitled Night King Invasion promises the event you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s time, Winter is Here.

The gigantic update introduces new Commanders, Ancient Troops, rule updates, quality of life improvements, and more. Discover all of the details below:The Night King Invasion

The icy terror himself has arrived in Westeros ready to deliver freezing torment upon the land. Five 500-man White Walker Alliances, including The Night King, his fearsome generals and white walker troops are attacking. Their power will be counted in the Rankings where players can actively compete against them.

As the White Walkers move south, they will attack lords who stand in their way causing real meaningful troop losses. Furthermore, they will gradually turn any regions they occupy into Barren Land. Any players foolhardy enough to enter these lands unprepared may be surrounded by White Walkers and meet a gruesome fate.

Brave scouts on the front lines have given their lives to discover points of weakness in the enemy forces. Lords can set up defensive lines to halt the foe’s advance.

The time for the Lords of Westeros and the armies of the living to unite together is now.

Offence is the best form of defense, and that’s exactly how players need to take their foes down. To successfully defend their kingdoms and emerge victorious, just like the venerable Jon Snow himself, players must venture deep into White Walker territory. Once there, they must defeat the Night King and end his reign of icy terror. Doing so will not be easy, the Night King Commander utilizes the Scorching Treachery skill which causes the enemy’s dragon to attack their most powerful line-up once, dealing massive damage.

That’s the bad news for players defending Westeros. The good news is that the Night King Commander is fully playable. He can be acquired via participation in the White Walker modes wherein players can acquire Night King Commander Fragments for free.

Plus, don’t miss out on the awesome White Walker themed Castle Exterior and Troop Appearance, which add a cool and chilly aesthetic that any GOT fans will love.

Rewards will be granted for killing White Walkers, defeating rebel groups, destroying rebel camps, and training large troop numbers.


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