What If Your Brush Could Bring Dreams To Life?
San Francisco, CA, September 24th 2021: Indie game publisher Angel Star Studios is proud to announce October 15th as the official worldwide release date for Mira’s Brush, an oldskool 8-bit retro-platformer challenging you to restore color to the world of Chromaland, while squaring off against the evil Blump, who has stolen all the paint! Currently in Early Access via STEAM™, Mira’s Brush offers the best of platforming fun with its captivating gameplay and unique storyline.

Game Trailer:

Mira’s Brush features the heroine Mira on a mission to traverse a dangerous world full of bizarre enemies, lateral thinking puzzles and intriguing gameplay! She lives an ordinary teenage life, tending her classes, ignoring her homework, doing odd jobs from electrical engineering to the occasional crocodile wrestling! You play the role of Mira, and you must use your magic brush to steal color from the baddies you encounter and use the ink to jump and dash your way through Chromaland. And your task is not easy! Colonel Blump and his cohort of artistic villains have stolen the colors from Rainbow Castle and the Empress Kitty has called for aid (YOU!) When an enemy is defeated, you can steal its “shape” in the form of magic stencils that transform your brush into an arsenal of unique powerups, such as balloons, shooting stars, fresh-fruit, and a whole lot more! How to utilize each powerup you must discover on your own!
Mira’s Brush includes more than 60 stages to beat packed full of unique gimmicks, twists, puzzles, and enemies and obstacles. You can speed run through the stages or take it slow to explore the alternate routes full of colorful secrets and extra challenges. More than 1,000 Rainbow Power Collectibles are scattered in the environment unlocking new areas to visit. To succeed, you must locate 8 magical color crystals and go head-to-head against the villainous Blump himself! But fear not, he’s nothing but a sour sea-lion!


  • A unique world of color and shapes
  • 60 challenging stages to complete
  • 100+ original and memorable chiptunes
  • 1,000 Rainbow Power Collectibles!
  • Speed-run for the fast and furious
  • 8-bit classic gaming reinvented

Mira’s Brush is available via STEAM™

Journalists interested in further information, additional assets, or a STEAM™ key for review may contact indie PR-specialist Hans Olsen by sending an email to [email protected]. Members of the press are encouraged to check out the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates.


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