SLAP-stick multiplayer game enters Steam Early Access

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, September 22, 2021 – Wacky party game Push Your Family is released on Steam Early Access today! The game revolves around a family becoming slap-friendly on some joyful day trips…. Once they hit their boiling point, the pushing and shoving starts and it won’t stop until there is just one person left!

Watch the trailer:     

To thank the early adopters we start off with a 20% discount in the first week, get Push Your Family for €12,49 (€9,99 with launch discount) or $11,99 ($9,59 with launch discount).

Push Your Family is a physics-based party game with wacky family members and slapstick humour. Up to 4 players come together online or locally as members of a fractious family visiting some hazardous road trip attractions… When familial disagreements get out of hand at these literal tourist traps, the only way to resolve things is to PUSH YOUR FAMILY!

Steam store page:
 Roadmap Steam Early AccessThe Early Access release is the first step on the road to Push Your Family becoming a multiplayer party pack of many different game modes. The game starts off with Battle and Quarantine modes, and 8 distinct family members! Be the last family member standing in Battle, or try to get disinfected and escape from Quarantine.

Meteor Mug started working on their indie game in the fall of 2019 and decided to release a demo during the Steam Game Festival in December 2020. The developers received great encouragement, including support from Landfall Games and Creative Industries Fund NL. After several months of continuous development, the developers are now ready to push the button and embrace the community involvement from early adopters and their valuable feedback. 

Meteor Mug Game Designer Bauke Hoekstra said: “We have been working hard on our game to get it live so you can push your family… in the game! A roadmap is set up but we’re ready to change it with the input from players.We can’t wait to see what people think of the game, and are ready to take on their feedback.

Push Your Family is all about having a great laugh with your friends, colleagues, family and strangers! So get ready to socialize and enjoy the humour, fun physics and of course a dog…

Secure yourself some quality time: start your happy slap family time now on Steam!


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