September 20, 2021. It is time for humanity to rebuild our planet. HeroCraft PC is excited to present a new teaser for Revival: Recolonization, a 4x strategy game set on post-apocalyptic Earth.

This latest teaser video will give you a glimpse of what awaits you in Revival: Recolonization. Get ready to engage in a complex competition for dominance against other human tribes and a maniacal rogue AI that transforms the world around you. Explore Earth after a devastating cataclysm, shape the planet’s surface via terraforming, and lead your people through the ages to survival and prosperity.

The teaser premiered at The Escapist Indie Showcase. You can either watch it on YouTube or download the video

Revival: Recolonization is developed and published by HeroCraft PC, a video game developer and publisher based in Kaliningrad, Russia. The Revival series started its life on feature phones; Revival: Recolonization is the franchise’s debut on PC.About HeroCraft PC

HeroCraft PC is a subdivision of HeroCraft—an established developer and publisher of high-quality games, such as King of Dragon PassTempest, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. The company’s portfolio comprises over 10 games with a focus on role-playing, action and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is currently publishing several games, including Gravewood High (SteamEGS), Anvil Saga (Steam), Revival: Recolonization (Steam), Catizens (Steam) and Organs Please (Steam).


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