Assume the role of a literal fish out of water and jump your way back home to your lake

TAMPERE – Sept. 20, 2021 – Independent small-scale developer Klothscape announces their challenging free-to-play platformer Go Home, Mr. Fisk! will be released on Steam for Windows PCs on 27.9.2021.

Ripped from his home and about to become dinner, there is only one thing for Mr. Fisk to do: escape. Unfortunately, his home is a lake on top of a mountain, and a salmon’s hydrodynamic shape is less than optimal for climbing. One slip-up is often enough to send Mr. Fisk all the way back to the beginning.

Bounce up a surreal mountain with secrets to find and alternate routes to explore as a clumsy fish; collect accessories, meet other sea life, and master the challenging gameplay… one frustrating failure at a time.


  • Simple yet challenging platforming mechanics.
  • No enemies or violence, the mountain itself is more than enough to overcome.
  • Original dynamic soundtrack that changes alongside your progress.
  • Hats and other accessories to find and equip.
  • Secrets, references, and dumb jokes to discover.

The Steam page for Go Home, Mr. Fisk! is live here for players to wishlist the game:


Klothscape is a Finland-based independent creator of games, music, and whatever else the two brothers it comprises decide to pursue. Go Home, Mr. Fisk! is the first commercially released video game title from the two. Hopefully the first of many.

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