Axilon: Legend of the Artifacts – Prologue game was released.

AzDimension company announces release of the game Axilon: The Legend of Artifacts – Prologue “- the studio’s first experience in the development of action RPGs in a fantasy world. The world is based on the book of the same name written by Azerbaijani writer Timur Azisov.

In “Axilon: Legend of the Artifacts – Prologue”, the player will have to confront the Dark Lord Cyrus and his minions, who are trying to take over the world of Axilon. The hero will be helped by the forces of magic, a shield, a faithful sword and the instructions of his father.

Features of the game:

  • World – Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Axilon. Explore three highly detailed locations – forest, caves and a snowy valley – and do everything possible to survive
  • Gameplay -Improve your sword, shield and magic skills. Learn to competently combine weapons. Choose your favorite fighting style and upgrade it. There are no useless skills here.
  • A variety of enemies – trolls, goblins, spiders Each monster you meet has unique attacks and skills.

There are three stages in the game at the moment – forest, caves, snowy valley. Each has its own unique goals. The game is short enough as it is the prologue to the main story.

Trailer of the game:

Page on Steam:


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