Brain Meltdown – Into Despair
Comes to Nintendo Switch!

– A unique and peculiar double action for Nintendo Switch!
– New key visual & teaser revealed
– To be released on October, 2021
The game publisher CFK announced that the new action title 「Brain Meltdown – Into Despair」 will be released on Nintendo Switch.
「Brain Meltdown – Into Despair」 features a unique concept gameplay, which challenges players to clear various stages using two Joy-Cons simultaneously to control a pair of cute characters.
Currently under Early Access with very positive reviews, the game is notable for its delicate and charming hand-drawn style graphics, plus dramatic and immersive music. While players need to know only a few simple controls for the adventure, the game features stages filled with diverse gimmicks and puzzles.
「Brain Meltdown – Into Despair」, the unique double-action game, will have its Nintendo Switch release (DL Only) this October. The exact date will be announced soon.
● Nintendo Switch Brain Meltdown – Into Despair Teaser


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