Irvine, California – September 15, 2021 (PDT), Joycity’s Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, the award-winning military strategy mega hit goes full tilt into the most exciting, all-inclusive update to date!

This exciting update will deliver game-changing content that will entice players across the board, new and veteran alike! The update kicks off with an announcement of the foreboding encroachment of the Sub Force, raid boss content. An ominous, deep-sea dwelling antagonist, the ultimate weapon wielded by the New World Armada emerges. A submarine technology so powerful, the Admirals (players) of Gunship Battle: Total Warfare have no choice but to rally beneath the banners of the Alliances. The all new, Alliance-centric Sub Force raid boss content will require players to use the in-game acquired ‘Sonobuoy’ items to detect this mechanical monstrosity. Once participating Alliance players then choose their preferred difficulty, the brutal onslaught begins. As far as raid boss content goes, this will be one hell of a fight, and to the victors go the spoils! Fantastic rewards will be provided to those who are victorious. But, if the fight starts to look like a wipe, don’t fret! Multiple attempts can be made to defeat this nuclear-powered titan.

And for those new to Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, the team presents the ‘Rookie Pass’. In the same vein as the wildly popular Battle Pass feature, an achievement-based quest system provides some of the best content exclusive rewards in the game. The Rookie Pass empowers new players to quest, collect, and go all ahead full to acquire some awesome rewards, including one of the most sought-after Legendary Jets, the infamous EF Ghost.

In addition to these fantastic updates, everything from Daily Missions, UI and Quality of Life updates, a massive update isn’t complete without the obligatory content-themed events, rewards shop updates and sales and much, much more. A very different, World War PvP event will be announced that will change the landscape of what a total, cross-server World at War looks like.

Every department of the Gunship Battle: Total Warfare team has been busy cranking out content and features. With the successful kick-off of the GBTW YouTube and Twitter channels, providing patch updates, livestreams and more became a whole lot easier. GBTW global, casual, and hardcore players alike can get their real-time game updates, links provided below!

So, tune-in, engage and get log into Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Absolute and Total War has never been so epic. Fear the bones.


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