Heartfelt visual novel trilogy about three women and their stories


SEPTEMBER 15th, 2021 – Tokyo, Japan

A YEAR OF SPRINGS has a limited-time demo out on Steam for Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online. A YEAR OF SPRINGS is a heartfelt visual novel trilogy where you play as three different women navigating their feelings of love, connection, and just wanting to belong. In the demo, you can play through the entire first game, one night, hot springs, with remastered art and music.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1688580/A_YEAR_OF_SPRINGS/

The game is included in Tokyo Game Show’s Selected Indie Exhibit and the demo will be available on Steam until the end of the event on October 5th.

A YEAR OF SPRINGS will come out on September 29th.

Features: – Three visual novels with multiple endings – An all-new epilogue exclusive to the trilogy collection – Soft and cute art with a relaxing original soundtrack – Music player, CG gallery, and other extras

In the first game, one night, hot springs, visit the hot springs with Haru, a young and anxious trans woman who just wants to enjoy herself on a trip with Manami but doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

In the second game, last day of spring, start off the Reiwa era as Erika, a well-meaning ex-delinquent who runs into more issues than expected when trying to plan a spa day for Haru.

In the third game, spring leaves no flowers, help sheltered university student Manami think about what friendship and romance mean to her as she spends a day with Haru, Erika, and her boyfriend.

For more information: Website: https://ayearofsprings.crd.co

About npckc: A solo developer based in Japan making little story games

Contact: https://twitter.com/npckc [email protected]

Press kit: https://ayearofsprings-press.crd.co


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