13 September 2021


Bonus Stage Publishing today announced that Last Soul, their new speedrunners’ favorite action platformer with slo-mo skills, will be released for PC (Windows, macOS, Linux), Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on Q2/2022 worldwide.

 Last Soul is an action-packed shooting platformer headlining BOP, the last remaining soul on earth fighting against Cyber-Being. You play as the cute but powerful BOP and in addition to all the regular mechanics, your jetpack, shields, and bullet time pack some real punch against the evil forces trying to destroy even the last of the remaining souls.

 The vast world of Last Soul is inspired by Star Wars, Tron Legacy, Mario, Sonic and Megaman, Neon Abyss, and all that can be seen in the graphics and felt in the soundtrack. The perfectly sci-fi-retro music is balanced with an equally great story.

 “I took the time to study the ‘Hero with a thousand faces’ (by Joseph Campbell) and set the basis for my game story. The Last Soul includes a hero which is moved to an adventure that he doesn’t want; a closing partner that he needs to achieve his destiny; a powerful enemy with a basic conflict with the hero; a master that teaches the hero the truth; and many other equally important elements”, tells Tony Munoz, the lead developer of WULUM, the Canadian studio behind Last Soul.

 The game is soon to be launched on Kickstarter for pre-orders and early fan bonuses. The campaign is set to start in October, with pre-registration open now. There are almost 600 pre-registered fans waiting, and nearly 20,000 players in the Last Soul prologue.

 The game will be launched in Q2/2022 and will come out on all major platforms. The publisher is the still fresh name from Finland, Bonus Stage Publishing. Bonus Stage has also published Sunblaze in June 2021, which is as well a game that goes well with speedrunners, just like Last Soul.

 The game will be a perfect addition to their portfolio according to Sami Mikkola from Bonus Stage: “When we first saw Last Soul, the immediate reaction from all of us was ‘WE NEED TO HAVE THIS’. The cuteness, retro sci-fi setting, and its unique but tough-as-nails gameplay were just immediate Yes’ from us.”

 Last Soul is just about to open up on Kickstarter, and is already ready to be wishlisted & followed on Steam.

See and play Last Soul: the Prologue on Steam.


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