IRONHIDE GAME STUDIO has announced they have soft-launched their newest tower defense game: JUNKWORLD.

JUNKWORLD is now available for download on Google Play in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Uruguay. More countries will be added as well as iOS as the development of the game moves forward.

In JUNKWORLD, players will face fast TD battles in a post-apocalyptic world with Ironhide's unique artistic style and humor. Players will place towers and deploy tactics freely all over the map to achieve victory. Also, they will beat challenges, slay vicious mutated beasts, face despicable sand bandits, and a ruthless army called “The Order”!  


  • Gather and upgrade up to 11 towers with various abilities, like accurate snipers, lethal flamethrowers, and even a weird one that transforms enemies into sheep; don't ask, we don't know how that's possible either...
  • 9 ingenious tactics ready to be deployed. Do you want a car transformed into a helicopter that throws bombs? Mines and gas cylinders, among other explosive things to clear your path? How about a warrior in a garbage can armor? JUNKWORLD  has all of that and even more!
  • 40 challenging stages that will test your mettle fighting against dreadful enemies in a hostile post-apocalyptic world. 
  • 2 dangerous lands that you must explore and conquer, you’ll have to survive the most challenging weather conditions in the fearsome wasteland and radioactive marshes.
  • Prove yourself in the daily challenges and quests: set your strategy, lead your faction to victory and collect awesome rewards. 


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