Craft an idyllic farming community, solo or with friends on September 23!

GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS, September 9, 2021 – A free roaming farm and village life awaits you in Staxel, coming to Nintendo Switch on September 23! Grow your farm in immersive first-person. Expand the village, invite your friends to come over, and go on adventures in the wilderness.

Watch the Staxel Nintendo announcement trailer here:

Preorder on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch:<wbr />games/detail/staxel-switch 
Create your perfect village community!
In Staxel, everything is customizable! Build block by block from the ground up – whether it’s your own farmhouse or a redesign of the village shop to fit your desired aesthetic. You explore the world from a first-person perspective, so you can really experience country life as you want it. Whether you want a cozy overgrown cottage or your own wizard tower, you can build it!As you construct new stores and houses, new NPCs will move in – there’s a whole cast of quirky characters to meet. Want to build every villager a castle to live in? Or maybe you want a more modern look to the village? It’s all possible, and there’s a huge variety of decorative blocks to find!

Outside the village there’s a whole world out there to explore, with fish to catch, bugs to hunt, and otherworldly realms to discover. Will you be able to build and fill the town museum with your finds? Don’t forget to attend the exciting festival events in town, where you can meet mysterious travelers, enjoy unusual decorations, and maybe score some cool items for your farming or building projects.
New for the Nintendo SwitchStaxel on Nintendo Switch isn’t a simple port – the Switch version has been carefully optimized for maximum performance and integration with the key features of the device. Staxel was first released on PC in 2018, and has enjoyed a number of content updates since then, all of which are part of the Nintendo Switch edition! Lead developer and Plukit owner Bart van der Werf says: “We have some big Switch fans here at the studio, so we definitely went the extra mile to make the best possible version of Staxel for the Nintendo Switch. It has everything in the PC version, with carefully optimized and adapted controls so you can easily lose yourself in your own farming fantasy!”


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