Montpellier, France – 7th September: Cleanse the floating isles of their heresy when Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC lands on Mobile devices on September 21st at $3.99/€3.99. Not only that, but the long awaited and requested Custom Mode will also be available for free on September 21st!

The Fatal Falls DLC gives players a new and alternative mid-game route for those who are tired of the Slumbering Sanctuary or want to get away from the crowds in Stilt Village.


  • New biomes to visit - Get some fresh air at the Fractured Shrines, splash around at the Undying Shores and take a picture at the Mausoleum
  • New monsters to welcome you - The Cold Blooded Guardians and their friends would love to teach you about their culture. ... Wait, aren't those relatives of yours in the Undying Shores...?
  • New weapons to pack for your trip - lil' Serenade is perfect for breaking the ice with the locals, although the Snake Fangs would make for a great souvenir...
  • New boss to face - The Scarecrow is very proud of his gardening skills and won't hesitate to show off

Adjust the game to your liking with Custom Mode!

With Custom Mode, you can limit your items, mutations and outfits, add starter items, adjust the timer settings, etc. Update your game on September 21st, get the Customization Rune at the Ramparts and you're good to go!

Custom Mode is not compatible with Auto-Hit Mode.

This free update also adds a brand new biome, 8 new weapons and items, 9 new monsters and more!

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Get it now!



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