Play your cards right and save the universe on Steam

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“Over the weekend, I discovered a new game that could find a permanent spot on my home screen..”

“Wow. I was blown away. “
– Touch Arcade

3 SEPT 2021 – Developer Quite Fresh Games and publisher Armor Games Studios have today launched the roguelike deckbuilder Void Tyrant on PC via Steam. 

Void Tyrant launches players across an ever-changing galaxy in a quest to restore balance to the cosmos and defeat a rogues gallery of powerful enemies who stand in their way.

To put a stop to an evil whose tendrils are spreading across the universe, players must choose a hero and harness an upgradable pack of cards to do battle in strategic turn-based encounters, navigate to distant planets and upgrade their own spaceport.

With hundreds of cards to select from, Void Tyrant‘s deckbuilding gameplay is incredibly deep, and allows for a completely personal experience with every playthrough.

Void Tyrant’s original outing on iOS and Android was extremely well received, with players and press alike wowed by its quality and generosity of content. The game currently sits on Apple’s App Store with an extremely high 4.6/5 rating, a result of over 7.5k reviews.

Now rebuilt especially for PC, Void Tyrant on Steam is a premium experience with all of the upgrades and special items of the original now included by default.

New to the new Steam version, Void Tyrant touches down with a host of quality of life and accessibility features, such as flexible keybinding, controller support, cloud saves and other additions. 

Stefan Åhlin, Founder of Quite Fresh Games, said “I’m really thrilled to get Void Tyrant out to PC players. Fans have been requesting a desktop version for a long time, and the game was always a good fit for the format, so it made sense to take it there. There’s also been a ton of improvements for this version, so I’m excited for what new players will get to experience for the first time.”


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