From the creator of Diner Bros comes an all new adventure for up to 4 players!

Playing video games is fun. Playing with your friends in local co-op multiplayer is even funnier. But do you know what beats everything else? Playing against your friends in a series of local multiplayer mini games! JAYFL Games, the creator responsible for Diner Bros, has announced the release date of its new game. Diner Bros Inc will release on Steam on September 6th for $9.99 / €8,19 / £7.19!

Diner Bros Inc is a frantic party game where up to 4 players complete a variety of short minigames in quick succession. Cook burgers, defend the Earth from asteroids, sharpen your scissors to become a hairdresser or go medieval and become a bow master.  As you complete enough minigames, the speed and the difficulty will increase. Keep it up, and you’ll be challenged with miniboss levels at an ever-quickening pace!

Diner Bros original characters will be back in this minigame title. One of them, possibly a disgruntled ex-customer, has one life goal: to destroy the Diner Bros. That’s why they will have to join forces, and complete mini boss levels to collect gems and unlock new collections, new minigames, and new characters.
Diner Bros Inc will let players enjoy a variety of modes. For those seeking an easy going experience, there’s a mode that will allow them to share lives with the team. But if you’re looking for a challenge you can also compete in games where only the most skilled will survive.


  • Enjoy more than 40 varied minigames! Fight aliens, smash cars, play cards, go shopping… There’s plenty of stuff to do here!
  • Share frenetic co-op action! Up to four friends can collaborate or compete in this quest to save the Diner Bros!
  • Face challenging boss minigames to collect as many gems as you can! But beware… the mysterious villain won’t make things easy!
  • Use your hard-earned gems to unlock new story levels, new games and new characters!


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