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Impossible Isles is an original daily turn-based map-like puzzler for everyone. Just place tiles on a map according to simple rules to create a tiny world and score.

But every day the Imp resets the world - a new pack on tiles, dealt in the same order all day. A new starter map and wildcard. Even the Imp's path is the same all day so there's no luck, everyone plays the same content each day.

The game has a few secrets up it's sleeve so check your score against friends on the leaderboard (iOS/Android only).


My previous indie games as Team Pesky 'Little Acorns' (iOS, 3DS), 'The Kraken Sleepeth' (PC) & 'Beep! Beep! Deliveries' (PS4) all explore similar themes ;- family, community, connections. Impossible Isles builds on these to create a puzzle game with enough charm to get players in, and enough depth to reward players wanting to build little worlds. To enjoy working out the core mechanism of placing tiles against a simple rule set for the maximum score, or simply to play for fun.

My goal was to create a daily experience shared by *all* players, no IAP/grind/unlocking/ad's interrupting gameplay. The tileset, starting map, wildcard and even Imp's path is set for that day. By incrementing the score every turn, the game rewards more strategic thinking once you know the day's content. This is specifically designed to reward a couple of runs after discovering the day's content, not a time-sink of grind. The daily leaderboard encourages players to compare their solutions with friends. 

By chance I found the music of Komiku, who's soundtracks for imaginary games fitted perfectly with the atmosphere I wanted. Check out more at

I hope there will always be audiences for experimental game, personal statements of all shapes and sizes, commercial or not. Indie games resist definition by their nature, for me they share their hearts with players. They create new worlds, offer  new experiences, allow new verbs that big-budget games rarely risk.


I feel pretty disconnected from today's industry, even after working in it for 20+ years. Impossible Isles is partly a reaction to games (particularly F2P mobile) turning into shops, adverts & scratchcards. 


As Google and Apple don’t currently allow3rd party payment support for developers anyone enjoying the game can support me via the following, or pay-what-you-want on Itchio via


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