New contents have been added for an extra layer of fun when playing with friends at the Kaia island.

Seoul, South Korea – AUG. 30th, 2021 – HAEGIN announced today that the mobile casual social-network game, Play Together has surpassed 30 million downloads and 4 million DAU(Daily Active Users) worldwide across Android and Apple devices.

Since launching in April 2021, Play Together placed in the 1st at Top free games chart on the Google Play and the App Store in Taiwan and Vietnam. The game is steadily gaining popularity in all regions of the world, including Vietnam, Taiwan, United States, Japan, and Korea. In addition, players are freely creating various works with in-game content, and the exciting content that made by creators around the world are also rapidly increasing.

Play Together also announced that new content updates are now available. “Plant Growing System”, a new system that allows players to grow plants at their house has been added. Players can purchase the flowerpots from the NPC at the Plaza, and collect rewards as a result of their warm care.

The recent update also introduced new overseas traveling destinations. After update, player will be able to travel to Vietnam and collect new passport stamp. Lastly, A new category that player can check all pet related information in one place and the video recording feature in the camera has been added.
PLAY TOGETHER is a multiplayer casual social-network title where players can enjoy everything they want. The game provides an interesting life-like experience that fans of casual and sandbox genres may be familiar to, with an addition of various content and unique interactions. The game allows players to progress freely in a non-linear fashion. Players can customize their characters and houses by purchasing various items and socialize with their global friends without borders. Since worldwide release in April 2021, PLAY TOGETHER placed in the 1st at Top free games chart on the App Store and Google Play in Taiwan and Vietnam. The game is currently available in all countries except China in 12 languages.


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