Roguelite city builder with beavers and lizards is set to release in Early Access on October 18.

‘Against the Storm’ new gameplay trailer premiered at this year’s gamescom. Aside from the new content, the trailer revealed the October 18 release date. The Early Access version is heading to Epic Games Store where you can play the game’s demo already.

Watch the new trailer:

‘Against the Storm’ is a roguelite city builder set in a fantasy world where it never stops raining. The player becomes the Scorched Queen’s viceroy — a pioneer sent into the wilds to establish and manage new settlements inhabited by beavers, lizards, and humans.

The gamescom trailer features the new look at the Marshlands biome – a harsh and cold land claimed by different extremely resilient species of fungi. It also teases the dangers that lurk in the wilds of the ever-raining world: sly Mistworms, cunning Wildfires, or a gargantuan Drainage Mole.

The game is set to launch on Epic Games Store in Early Access on October 18. The release on other PC platforms is planned for the next year.


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